Snapdragon SDK for Android Features

The current features available through the Snapdragon™ SDK for Android include:


Snapdragon SDK Feature


Facial Processing

Detect blink, Track gaze, Assess smile, Identify face orientation

Runs on Android devices powered by Snapdragon S4, 200, 400, 600, and 800 chipsets.

Facial Recognition Register faces in an image
Identify faces

Device Info

Detect availability of hardware accelerated
Echo Cancellation / Noise Suppression, IZat Location, Low-Power Geofencing, Indoor Positioning

Runs on any Android device to determine if  hardware-based technologies enhanced by Snapdragon are present.

Touch-free Gestures

Enable device input using hand waves to trigger swipe gestures

Requires devices with advanced Snapdragon technology. Please refer  to the device compatibility list for information.