Snapdragon SDK for Android FAQs

Will all features of the Snapdragon™ SDK for Android run on all mobile devices enabled by Snapdragon?
Individual feature compatibility will vary based on device specifications and manufacturer. Check the device compatibility list for feature support and compatibility information.

How will I know which mobile devices support a specific extension / feature?
All features for Snapdragon SDK for Android include run-time device query sample code and can validate feature compatibility on each device. You can also run the provided Test App to determine device compatibility.

Can we get a compatibility matrix of which features of Snapdragon SDK for Android are available on which devices enabled by Snapdragon?
Please check the device compatibility list for a compatibility matrix of available devices.

Can I download the Snapdragon SDK directly from Qualcomm Developer Network?
Yes. Download the Snapdragon SDK here.

Do you provide emulator support?
We do not provide emulator support at this time. Currently we recommend developing on target on the Snapdragon S4 Plus MDP smartphone, the Snapdragon S4 Pro MDP tablet, or on a supported commercial handset.

I’ve looked at the hardware and software requirements for some of the Snapdragon SDK for Android features and my device appears to qualify. Why won’t the SDK software run on my device?
Mobile device compatibility with SDK extensions powered by Snapdragon will vary by manufacturer and by device. Please check the device compatibility matrix prior to development.

Do I have to maintain multiple binaries of my app to support both compatible and incompatible mobile devices?
Not at all. Apps can use feature detection to determine whether or not to go down an optimal code path. When a feature is available, the app can take advantage of the optimizations as additional capabilities. The app will run normally across all other mobile devices.

I’ve written an app where a certain feature of the Snapdragon SDK is pivotal to the app experience.  How do I restrict my app from being downloaded to an incompatible device?
When you want to target your app to a specific mobile device, you can specify which devices are compatible when submitting to Google Play. When a user accesses the Play Store, only those with compatible devices will be able to view your app.