Snapdragon SDK for Android: Device Info

The Device Info feature set allows an application to detect if the device it’s running on has a Snapdragon chipset. This insight lets you make informed decisions about how to take full advantage of features enabled by Snapdragon processors.

Using Device Info lets you tap into the following hardware-enabled features to improve the performance of your applications:

Echo Cancellation/Noise Suppression
Echo Cancellation/Noise Suppression enables better audio communication quality at much lower power by allowing full duplex mode during VOIP calls. These features are specifically tuned to each device and let you use the technology available on normal mobile voice calls so you can offload CPU/software-based echo cancellation and noise suppression.

IZat Location
IZat Location provides Android devices with always-on positioning that aids in:

  • Discovering local points of interest (restaurants, stores, gas stations, etc.)
  • Improved walking/driving directions
  • Object and pet tracking
  • Mobile blogging, gaming and geotagging

This fast, accurate, and always-on location information has minimal impact on battery life because it uses the most advanced positioning techniques to maintain continuous location awareness.

Low Power Geofencing
Low Power Geofencing enables the use of multiple location technologies without waking up the app’s processor for reduced power usage. This is mde available through the Android Proximity API.

Precise Indoor Positioning
Precise Indoor Positioning is integrated directly into Android's Location APIs, providing apps with more precise indoor location and map information where traditional satellite-based techniques are challenged.


  • Software Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
  • Compatibility: All Android mobile devices