Snapdragon SDK for Android

Download the Snapdragon SDK for Android The Snapdragon SDK for Android is a package of software libraries, sample code, and documentation designed to make it easy to integrate a host of next-gen technologies into apps that run on Snapdragon processor-powered mobile devices. Now, developers and device manufactures can include capabilities like facial processing, facial recognition, and more to transform the user experience.

Our Smart Shutter application is a great example. This photo capture application uses the Facial Processing of the Snapdragon SDK for Android to allow users to take the “perfect shot” — with eyes open, big smiles and everyone facing the right direction.

Getting Started

  1. Explore the list of Snapdragon SDK features
  2. Download the Snapdragon SDK for Android
  3. Read the Quick Start Guide
  4. Use the Test App to determine device compatibility

Use the Snapdragon SDK for Android to start writing apps on a host of Android devices featuring the Snapdragon S4, 200, 400, 600, and 800 processors.  Check our device list for features currently supported on commercial handsets.

Questions? Find answers in the Snapdragon SDK FAQ or share in our Snapdragon SDK forums.

Magisto Screenshot

Snapdragon SDK in Action

Magisto utilized the Snapdragon SDK facial processing and facial recognition APIs to help emphasize the most important characters in a movie.

Developer Resources

Snapdragon SDK Tools & Resources
For Snapdragon SDK tools, sample code, quick start guide and other resources.

Snapdragon SDK Forum
Ask questions, share ideas and learn a thing or two from our engineers and other developers working on this stuff. Whether it’s discussing basics or trying to problem solve, you can make your voice heard right here.

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