Context Aware (Gimbal)

Download the Context Aware Gimbal SDK

The Gimbal™ context aware and proximity platform utilizes geofencing, micro-location, interest sensing, beacons enabled with Bluetooth® Smart technology and consumer privacy controls. It allows developers to design mobile apps that drive consumer engagement, sales, and loyalty by providing real-time context and location awareness in apps for brands, retailers, and venues.

Gimbal Features

  • Gimbal Geofence is designed to provide always-on, low-power, geofence-based location awareness. This enables an application to become aware of an end user’s location, including arrival, departure and dwell times.
  • Gimbal Proximity utilizes beacons with Bluetooth® Smart technology to provide a granular level of location awareness, enabling applications to determine their proximity to the beacons. The Gimbal proximity beacons are designed to work seamlessly with the Gimbal platform. Gimbal beacons are available in multiple models to suit different use cases. Go to to order your beacons. Note: Proximity available on iOS® only.
  • Gimbal Interest Sensing provides applications with inferred end-user interests based on mobile phone usage allowing for customized communications.
  • Gimbal Communicate personalizes communications via push notifications and custom content within an application.
  • Gimbal Manager is a set of APIs and a web-based tool for managing geofences, content, distribution, data and reporting.
  • Gimbal Privacy features consumer friendly opt-in and opt-out privacy controls designed to protect the consumer’s personal information. Gimbal has earned TRUSTe certification. 

Gimbal is designed to address client demands for more effective mobile engagement. Successful trials in Japan have shown that end users were three times more likely to click-through and respond to contextually aware notifications and offers compared to non-contextualized offers.  

The Gimbal platform, from Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc., includes Gimbal proximity beacons and an SDK for iOS and Android. 

Read the whitepaper, Advantages of Gimbal Context Aware Platform for Retailers, Brands and Application Developers.

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