Which BLE Solution is Right for You?

Products of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

Through the recent acquisition of UK-based Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd. (CSR), now known as Qualcomm Technology International Limited (QTIL), members of the Qualcomm Developer Network can now take advantage of QTIL’s leading Bluetooth® Smart technologies in their own projects. In complex, demanding markets like audio and automotive, QTIL is a true go-to resource for solving the toughest connectivity challenges, such as power consumption, latency, and interoperability. QTIL has become a diversified platform provider at the very center of the Internet of Things (IoT). In IoT everyday objects are readable, recognizable, locatable, addressable and controllable over the Internet. The Bluetooth Smart platform offers hardware and software for designing and building IoT/machine-to-machine (M2M) devices with built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

The broad range of use cases for Bluetooth applications include:

  • keyboards
  • mice
  • medical sensors
  • fitness training equipment
  • watches
  • TV remote controls
  • automotive keyless entry
  • advertising
  • indoor location
  • smart energy appliances
  • proximity tagging

Here are a few products Qualcomm Developer Network is now offering to developers:

CSR101x Product Family

CSR Bluetooth® low energy silicon provides a complete Bluetooth qualified solution to develop products that make use of the Bluetooth low energy standard.

See more details about the features in the CSR101X Product Family and its series of development kits.


CSRmesh is a protocol running over Bluetooth Smart that enables messages to be relayed over multiple Bluetooth Smart devices and turning it into a mesh network of the Internet of Things. CSRmesh works directly with your existing devices, offers simple setup at the flick of a switch and all the while ensuring safe and secure transmission via a high-level banking-like encryption.

Get started with the CSRmesh.

Proximity Beacons

CSR's Proximity Beacon Development Kit provides a simplified yet comprehensive development platform for product designers who want to rapidly develop and prototype Bluetooth® Smart beacons in real world use cases.

Learn more about beacon development on the CSR website.