Tutorial Videos

Getting Started with Qualcomm® QCA4020 and Hello World Demo
In this video we show developers how to get started with the QCA4020 development kit - we highlight what is in the box, and outline the steps you will take to get the Hello World up and running.

Onboarding Multiple Radios on Your Qualcomm® QCA4020/4024 Development Kit
This video provides an overview on how you can onboard radios on your QCA4020 Development Kit including Standalone Mode, Without Cloud Mode, and With Cloud Mode.

Sensor Values Using Mobile Application for QCA4020 Development Kit
This video shows how to get the sensor values from your QCA4020 development kit using the mobile application. The QCA4020 dev kit comes with eight sensors, which are designed to measure orientation and motion, as well as environmental conditions such as ambient light luminosity, temperature and humidity.

Running the QCLI Demo on a Qualcomm® QCA4020 Development Kit
This video provides a walk through of our QCLI Demo that you can run on the QCA4020 product development kit. The QCLI demo is a CLI-based demo application that demonstrates different features and technologies supported by QCA402x platform. It also provides reference implementation and usage of customer facing QAPIs.