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Single band Wi-Fi (QCA4010)

QCA4010 module

RB01 (baseboard) / RB02 (module) design

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The RB02 Wi-Fi module, based on QCA4010, is a single band 1x1
802.11b/g/n device optimized for low-power embedded applications with single-stream capability for both Tx and Rx. It has an integrated network processor with a large set of TCP/IP with IPv4/IPv6-based services.

RB02 module includes the following components:

  • QCA4010 chip
  • An integrated Balun to save cost and size, minimize tuning and tolerance
  • PCB / printed antenna
  • Footprint for Apple MFI
  • 2MB SPI Flash memory and etc.

The following provide designs for the RB02 module:

North America - Silex Technology, via Arrow Electronics

Europe - Silex Technology, via Atlantik Elektronik
Europe - Codico

Japan - Silex Technology, via Chip1Stop

Korea - WISOL, via Uniquest