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QCA4002 development platform for IoE applications. Features the SP141 IoE module on a SP140 baseboard.

QCA4002 Wi-Fi Development Platform for IoT

QCA4002/4 Product Brief

The QCA4002 based Wi-Fi Development Platform for IoT is comprised of a number of development boards based on full-featured, low-power Wi-Fi connectivity, along with an array of additional software and services features. This platform is designed to connect virtually any product, ranging across smart home or office functionality, including: connected appliances, smart lighting, security/monitoring, garage door/smart locks, cameras, and home temperature control.

The QCA4002 is a single chip SoC optimized for low-power embedded applications with single-stream Tx and Rx capability. The platform puts long-term, low-power, low-bandwidth capabilities in developer’s hands with minimal development effort and cost. Additionally, QCA4002 provides advanced features including a wide range of cloud ecosystem providers whose distinct client software is integrated with the QCA4002.

QCA4002 Based Modules

Renesas Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit

RX111 Development Module

The Renesas Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit provides a platform for developing IoT applications on the RX111 32-bit microcontroller. It leverages the GT202 Wi-Fi module, and is ideal for sensor-based IoT solutions. It comes pre-integrated with the Micrium Spectrum portfolio of embedded software and protocol stacks for IoT application development as well as the Medium One cloud connectivity solution.

S7G2 IoT Enabler Kit

S7G2 IoT Enabler Kit

S7G2 IoT Enabler Kit

The S7G2 IoT Enabler Kit is ideal for embedded developers, IT and operations, entrepreneurs, and makers. It contains a multitude of WAN connection options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE CAT1 cellular. Step-by-step instructions and source code examples help developers learn how to go beyond starting demos in order to build end-to-end IoT applications.

Codico Development Kit

Codico Development Kits

Codico Development Kits

The SP140 development platform provides a fully functional interconnect between the QCA4002 (SP141) and QCA4004(SP144) low power Wi-Fi SoC on the Wi-Fi modules and the Freescale K22F microcontroller (MCU).