Sample App 1: Follow Target

Micro Rover Sample App: Follow Target

The Follow Target app is designed to showcase basic autonomous abilities of a robot paired with a smartphone. This app enables the Micro Rover to follow a specific image target.


Installing the app

  • On the device, in the Developer Options Menu, enable 'USB debugging' on your Android device
  • Connect your Developer Mode Enabled device to your PC
  • On the device you may be asked to accept an RSA key to enable debug connection to the PC, accept the key
  • On the PC command line, to verify ADB is working, type "adb devices". If successful, this will list a serial number and status. "device" as status means that ADB is connected.

C:\TEMP>adb devices
List of devices attached
TA880008YN      device

  • From a PC command line, change directory to the location of the MDRSimpleNavigator.apk
  • From the PC command line, type "adb install -r MDRSimpleNavigator.apk"
  • ADB will return "success" if successful

C:\TEMP>adb install -r MDRSimpleNavigator-debug.apk
2612 KB/S (38256 bytes in 0.143s)
        pkg: /data/local/tmp/MDRSimpleNavigator-debug.apk

Pairing the Android device to the IOIO board

  • The Android device will communicate via Bluetooth the IOIO board controller on the robot.
  • Turn on the robot. A red LED on the IOIO board should illuminate and the Bluetooth dongle may flash indicating that it is active
  • On the Android Device, open the Settings
  • From the device Settings menu, turn Bluetooth on
  • From the device Settings menu, select Bluetooth by clicking the area to the left of the on/off slider
  • In the device Bluetooth menu, after scanning for devices, the IOIO board should appear in the available devices
Screenshot showing IOIO board appearing as available device in bluetooth menu
  • From the list of available devices, select the IOIO board
  • In the pairing dialog, enter the default IOIO pin "4545" and press OK

Screenshot showing bluetooth pairing request

  • The Android device and the IOIO board should now be paired and ready to use

Screenshot showing device and IOIO board paired


  • Turn on the Micro Rover
  • Find the icon labeled MDR Follow Target in your Android device's app tray


  • Click on the icon to open the app
  • Mount the phone in the cradle of the Micro Rover
  • The forward camera should appear on the screen of the app
  • Hold the stones target image in front of the Micro Rover
  • Once the image is visible in the camera preview screen on the app, the Micro Rover should begin following
  • You can see the distance and angle of the target from the Micro Rover changing on the top of the app's preview screen

Screenshot of stone target image