CSR102x Starter Development Kit

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The CSR102x Starter Dev Kit

The CSR102x Starter Development Kit (Part #: DK-CSR1025-10285) is an affordable and comprehensive development kit targeted toward developers, engineers and enthusiasts to help reduce prototyping and development time for Bluetooth Smart concepts and prototypes using production quality toolchains.

Multiple turnkey applications that have been fully documented and stress tested are included with this kit, permitting significantly reduced time and resources required to turn concepts into working prototypes This helps provide detailed customization while significantly reducing time-to-market.

The kit provides access to the latest versions of the Software Development Kit (SDK) and associated toolchains, as well as a set of tools for software development, board design and production test:

  • Target board with Bluetooth low energy SoC on reference module, USB programming interface and interfaces for breaking out I/O to application-specific sensors and actuators.
  • xIDE software development environment (developer does not require a separate license)
  • Example applications covering a comprehensive set of Bluetooth profiles
  • Source code for example host applications for mobile platforms
  • Datasheets for Bluetooth Low Energy ICs
  • Hardware Design Guidelines for customizing form factor
  • Manufacturing packs for module reference designs
  • Production test and configuration tools

The target board can be powered either from the host USB connection or can be configured to run standalone from an on-board coin cell (not included). The design of the board also includes provision to easily permit accurate full system power measurements to be made.


  • Factory-fitted with CSR1025 module
  • USB or CR2032 battery powered (link selectable)
  • USB programming / debug interface to development PC
  • 1x push-button
  • 1x LED
  • 1x PIO Breakout header


The target board included in the Starter Development Kit is ideal for a tag application as it includes a button and LED. But it also includes expansion connectors which could be used to support an external flash device or additional PIO.

It is possible to plug in an Environmental Sensor Board, which contains multiple sensors including

    • Accelerometer sensor
    • Temperature sensor
    • Pressure sensor
    • Magnetometer sensor
    • Humidity sensor
    • Angular rate sensor

Additional example application boards are available that can be fitted to the breakout pins including the Smart Remote Application Board and Sports Watch Application Board.