CSR102x Smart Remote Application Board

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The CSR102x Smart Remote Application Board

The CSR102x Smart Remote Application Board (Part #: DB-UENERGY-AB-10243) is a fully featured application board intended to showcase human interface device (HID) features of the CSR102x product range. The board is comprised of multiple IO peripherals to demonstrate a comprehensive set of low power, high performance human machine interfaces powering the next generation of wireless remote control solutions.

The board is intended for use with a host development kit, for example the CSR102x Professional Development Kit, and must be fitted to the interface pins on the host development kit. A suite of software tools is available to download (the SDK HID Application Package).


The kit contains a plug in module intended for use alongside a host development kit, designed to showcase the key features of the SDK HID Application Package.

  • Remote control development board
  • Ready-made remote control software solution for rapid evaluation and customization
  • Comprehensive suite of peripherals
  • Requires compatible host development kit


  • Infra-red LED
  • Indication LED
  • Infra-red receiver
  • Digital microphone
  • 36 key matrix
  • Touch pad
  • 6 axis motion sensor

Kit Contents: