CSR102x Professional Development Kit

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The CSR102x Professional Dev Kit

The Professional Development Kit (Part #: DK-UENERGY-PB-10242) is designed to deliver a rapid prototyping platform for a wide range of applications for the Qualcomm CSR102x Bluetooth single mode chipset.

This kit contains hardware supporting the programming and debugging functions along with a USB UART over a single USB connection. It is designed to be configured to program other CSR102x boards such as the CSR102x Sports Watch Development Kit or the CSR102x Smart Remote Development Kit. (add URLs for new pages on QDN). It also includes access to the Qualcomm Bluetooth low energy SDK via an activation code that is supplied with the packaging of the kit.

The kit has a set of interconnect pins for plugging in CSR102x radio modules, as well as sockets for optional application boards to provide a modular and highly flexible development platform. It is also supplied with a CSR1025 radio module which can be replaced easily with other variants.

All I/O pins are brought out to the board permitting straightforward connectivity to any other development system.

The board is also designed to facilitate accurate full system current measurement as straightforwardly as possible, with measurement points and instructions supplied for ease of comparison.


  • Multiple power options
  • Socket for radio module
  • Socket for application board connection
  • LED, sounder, pushbutton
  • Integrated programming and debugging interfaces
  • Integrated power measurement circuitry


  • Professional Development Board
  • Radio module
  • Set of cables
  • Access to SDK download and Qualcomm Bluetooth low energy example applications via activation code
  • Setup guide