CSRmesh Core Library

On this page you will find software downloads and support documentation to help you with your development of solutions for home automation, and applications for Android, iOS and Beacon Management.

CSRmesh Core Library for Home Automation

  • CSRmesh 2.1 User Guide
  • CSRmesh 2.1b Node Applications
  • CSRmesh 2.1b Release Note
  • CSRmesh 2.1 Tools for Node

CSRmesh Mobile Applications

  • CSRmesh 2.1 Android Application
  • CSRmesh Android Controller Application Note
  • CSRmesh Mobile Applications Release Note
  • CSRmesh Mobile Application User Guide
  • CSRmesh 2.1 iOS Application
  • CSRmesh iOS Controller Application Note
  • CSRmesh iOS Mobile Application Release Note
  • CSRmesh iOS Mobile Applications User Guide

CSRmesh Beacon Management Applications

  • QBeacon Android Application v1.0
  • QBeacon Android Application v1.0 Release Note
  • QBeacon Android Application v1.0 User Guide
  • QBeacon iOS Application v1.0
  • QBeacon iOS Application v1.0 Release Note
  • QBeacon iOS Application v1.0 User Guide