Tools & Resources

Hardware Development Kit

Updated 30 Mar 16
Offers a compact pcb with peripherals to demonstrate proximity tag operation.
Part Number: DK-CSR1010-10136
Updated 30 Mar 16
Offers a pin header with full access to the CSR1011™ IO enabling easy prototyping and interface to external devices.
Part Number: DK-CSR1011-10138
Updated 30 Mar 16
The Bluetooth® Low Energy Starter Development Kit provides a complete set of tools for the development of Qualcomm Bluetooth® Low Energy IC products.

Software Development Kit

Reference Design

  • CSR1012 reference design manufacturing pack
  • CSR1011 reference design manufacturing pack
  • CSR1010 reference design manufacturing pack

Example Designs

  • Keyboard Example Design
  • Laser Mouse Example Design
  • Running Shoe Example Design

Source Code

  • iOS libraries & example code
  • Android App Source Code