Bluetooth® Low Energy Starter Development Kit

A product of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

CSR101x Starter Kit Product Brief

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Introducing a simplified yet comprehensive development kit for designers who need to get prototypes of their Bluetooth products up and running fast then move quickly to production.


The kit provides a complete set of tools for software development, board design and production test:

  • Target board with Bluetooth low energy IC on reference module, USB programming interface and interfaces for breaking out I/O to application-specific sensors and actuators
    • CSR1010, CSR1011 and CSR1012 variants
  • Fully licensed xIDE software development environment
  • Example applications for popular Bluetooth profiles
  • Example host applications for iOS and Android platforms
  • Datasheets for Bluetooth low energy ICs
  • Hardware design guidelines
  • Manufacturing packs for module reference designs
  • Production test and configuration tools

The target board is normally powered from the host USB connection but can also be run standalone from an on-board coin cell (not included) to allow power measurements to be made.

Target Board:

  • Factory-fitted with CSR1010, CSR1011 or CSR1012 module
  • USB or CR2032 battery powered (link selectable)
  • USB SPI interface to development PC
  • 1x push-button
  • 1x LED
  • 1x Headers for CSR1010/CSR1012 I/O
  • 2x Headers for CSR1011 I/O
  • 80 x 68 mm PCB area

Kit Contents:

  • Target board
  • Mini-USB cable to connect to host PC USB port
  • Setup guides
  • µEnergy starter dev kit CD-ROM