Tools & Resources

The following are resources for the hardware and software contained within the CSR101x Proximity Beacon Development Kit.


CSR1010 Shelf Tag

You must have purchased and registered your Activation Codes to download these items

*Requires the purchase and registration of the development kit on CSR Support.

Users must purchase the physical Proximity Beacon Development Kit in order to get access to the Beacon Development Kit (BDK) software. Once a user has the BDK software, that software can also be run with other CSR1010-based hardware.


There are two solutions to help you evaluate Bluetooth low energy Beacons.

  1. Generic Beacon Example
  2. iBeacon BDK

Generic Beacon Example

The Generic Beacon Example comes as part of the Qualcomm Bluetooth low energy SDK. It provides a simple example of how to put the CSR1010 into a beaconing mode and allows configuration of the payload and advertising intervals.

Qualcomm Bluetooth low energy Software Development Kit and Tools

SDK 2.6.0 Release note*For activation see Activation Codes

SDK Tools*

Release note*

Tool suite including NVM programming

*Requires the purchase and registration of the development kit on CSR Support.

iBeacon Beacon Development Kit

The iBeacon BDK allows for development and deployment of iBeacon compatible devices with minimal code development. Each beacon has four configuration items that are used to generate the iBeacon advertising packet, these items are

  • UUID
  • Calibrated RSSI at 1 Meter

In addition to these values, the iBeacon BDK allows Authenticated devices to re-configure these and other parameters over the air via an example iOS application. The code can be used "as-is" for development, but is expected to be used as a reference / base for customization by developers. BDK 1.0 sources consists of two components

  • CSR101x example iBeacon OTA configurable implementation (source)
  • iOS example iBeacon OTA configuration application (source)

It also uses existing components and tools from the Qualcomm Bluetooth low energy SDK, which should be installed prior to setting up the BDK package.

iBeacon Development Kit (BDK)

BDK 1.0Users must validate their iBeacon license

BDK 1.0 Production Tools


Production tool suite for use with BDK 1.0 application images