Proximity Beacon Development Kit

A product of Qualcomm Technologies International Limited

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Proximity Beacon Development Kit Product Brief

The Proximity Beacon Development Kit provides a simplified yet comprehensive development platform for product designers who want to rapidly develop and prototype Bluetooth® beacons in real world use cases.

Beacons have the ability to provide important “context” to smart devices, which plays into the larger vision for the Internet of Things (IoT). By knowing the context, an IoT device can start to anticipate the user’s needs, no longer relying on the user to manage every aspect of the connected world.

Board Features:

  • CSR1010 IC with EEPROM
  • Patented directional antenna
  • SPI programming connector
  • 2x AA battery holders on reverse

Kit Contents:

  • Beacon development boards (3)
  • Plastic beacon enclosures (3)
  • CSR® xIDE software development environment
  • USB programmer and interface cables
  • Example beacon applications for the development board
Proximity Beacon dev board
Proximity Beacon kit