Software Installation Instructions

You should already have a printed copy of the CSRmesh Setup Guide, located in the development kit box. Please familiarise yourself with the contents of this guide before proceeding.

The following details the steps that you should take to download and install the software and documentation necessary to use the CSRmesh Development Kit.

Some downloads will require etry of an activation code to complete. For details of how to locate, obtain, and use an activation code, please see the Activation Codes page.

Please note that you may be required to complete some verification to comply with export control regulations. The specifics of this verification will depend on your location. This may delay your ability to access downloads immediately.

Please complete each step fully before continuing to the next one.

  1. Download and save the latest version of the Qualcomm® Bluetooth® Low Energy SDK Installer. If you have not already activated your kit, you will be asked to enter the Activation Code.
  2. Download and save the CSRmesh Quick Start Guide.
  3. Download and save the CSRmesh example applications and source code zip file.
  4. Extract the zipped application files within your download folder. Three new sub-folders will be created called applications, include and libraries
  5. Follow the steps detailed in the Quick Start Guide:
    1. Section 2. Installing the Software
    2. Section 3. Connecting up the Hardware
    3. Section 4. Compiling and Testing Your First Application
  6. Download and save the CSRmesh Android example smartphone app zip file.
  7. Extract the zipped smartphone app within your download folder. One new sub-folder will be created called AndroidCSRmeshApp
  8. From the new sub-folder, copy the Android installer application CSRmeshDemo.apk to your Android smartphone and install it on your smartphone. Refer to the documentation provided with your smartphone for details of this process.
  9. Follow the steps detailed in the Quick Start Guide Section 5. Using the Smartphone App
  10. Finally, review the Quick Start Guide Section 6. Next Steps

Note: Only Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphones running Android v 4.3 or later can be used with CSRmesh.