BlueCore CSRB5341/42 Development Boards

A product of Qualcomm Technologies International Limited

CSRB534x Dev Kit Product Brief

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The Qualcomm® BlueCore™ CSRB5341 and CSRB5342 Development Boards are dual mode SoCs which allow for rapid development of next generation wireless gaming controllers, TV remote controls, security controllers and more. They are dual mode Bluetooth® ready qualified SoCs providing enhanced connection topologies to improve smart device and accessory support and are designed to provide for low latency control and ultra-low power operation.  

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth v4.1 qualified
  • Pitch QFN88 (mm) 0.4/ BGA105 0.5
  • Dual mode
  • 8Mb ROM, 56KB RAM
  • External SQI flash support
  • Dry Cell battery operation (CSRB5341)
  • Lithium-Ion battery operation (CSRB5342)
  • Integrated USB charger support (CSRB5342)
  • Configurable digital and analogue I/O
  • Super sleep down to 48µA
  • 80MHz embedded RISC co-processor
  • I/O enabled H/W scanning


  • Wireless games controllers
  • Human interface devices
    • TV / STB
    • Basic remote controls
    • Trackpads
  • Smart Home
    • TV / STB
    • Security
  • Sports and leisure uses