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Bugs with mpdecision
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Posted: Sun, 2018-01-21 07:45

*/ Hi, :)

I have a Xiaomi device where all updates since around 1,5 years have a lagging audio output and Xiaomi of course doesn‘t try to fix the issue. As the community found out, the problem is probably somehow related to Qualcomms mpdecision and resolves itself when disabling mpdecision. The downside to disabling it is, that the battery drains extremely quick (often in ~3-4h without usage from 100% to 0%) when doing so.


My question is…. Is there a way to replace mpdecision or to prevent the battery from draining when mpdecision is disabled?

Or is there another way to resolve the issue other then downgrading or buying a phone from a proper manufacturer? ^^


Greetings Julian

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Posted: Sun, 2018-01-21 09:22

I'm unaware of a way to easily disable mpdecision without an effect on battery life. You might find an answer to this question if you post on or XDA Developers. 

One POSSIBLE, but potentially risky situation to this problem MIGHT be using a custom ROM, but you'd want to carefully research this first and make sure the ROM you want to use has been tested and works well with your model of phone. You also should only do this if you understand ALL of the risks of rooting and flashing your device. You probably already do, but not everyone does. 

- Rick

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