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An Index to the Most Popular Posts on This Forum
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Posted: Sat, 2015-12-19 12:00

Many popular posts aren’t visible on the first few screens of this forum, so I decided to create a list of the top 50 posts. Hopefully you find this to be useful.

  1. Unable to start profiling  [13,772]
  2. Trepn on Nexus 4 vs Snapdragon MDP?  [11,483]
  3. Normalized CPU load for HTC one  [11.096]
  4. How to disable the mpdecision service? [10,963]
  5. Trepn Profiler battery power measurements are stuck at zero [9420]
  6. Measuring energy consumption of specific application  [6226]
  7. How is GPU Load calculated  [6294]
  8. GPU Load Calculation and Trace Alignment  [5901]
  9. Battery power  [5582]
  10. Calculate memory usage  [5387]
  11. Trepn effect on memory traffic [5023]
  12. How to shell script Trepn? [4972]
  13. Issue with profiling power [4733]
  14. Where to download Premier Edition  [4498]
  15. Can this software be used on non-Snapdragon chipsets? [4421]
  16. Trepn database is not saved correctly through intents  [4,379]
  17. Unsupported device list  [4085]
  18. MDP tablet Trepn sampling  [3980]
  19. Different power values observed for the same benchmark  [3935]
  20. Memory bandwidth  [3745]
  21. Inaccurate battery power readings on Snapdragon 805 MDPs  [3511]
  22. Any other power analysis tools?  [3413]
  23. Battery power consumption  [3369]
  24. Using Application States to pinpoint app problems  [3310]
  25. Power consumption of video decoding  [3265]
  26. LCD backlight  [3246]
  27. Where I can find Trepn saved files in Nexus 5?  [3203]
  28. Trepn Profiler at Samsung's Developer Conference [3118] Video
  29. Trepn featured at DEVOXX in London - Video [3019]
  30. How to distinguish the power consumption when concurrent thread is running?  [3003]
  31. How to avoid common mistakes when using Trepn to measure baseline power  [2867]
  32. Analyzing Log File  [2829]
  33. Baseline of power rails for beta version of Trepn Profiler  [2784]
  34. How to use Trepn to estimate Battery consumption within a piece of code section?  [2777]
  35. Android Intents [2726]
  36. Battery power is not supported on all devices [2690]
  37. Using Trepn Profiler as a developer  [2644]
  38. Custom chart  [2597]
  39. Battery Power in Samsung S4 [2549]
  40. Help in analysis of Trepn log file  [2501]
  41. Intent not start profiling  [2325]
  42. How to pin OS and a process in different CPU core?  [2295]
  43. How to disable USB charging on MDP 810?  [2290]
  44. Trepn Profiler Command line interface from Host PC  [2274]
  45. The profiler recognizes my smart phone's chip-set as msm8960  [2261]
  46. List of Intents  [2238]
  47. Trepn Profiler source code  [2207]
  48. Trepn Automated Testing  [2021]
  49. Trepn Power Rail Monitoring Beta [ 2006]
  50. Trepn stops [2001]

The numbers of views in brackets were accurate when this post was made. Even though the sticky posts are popular, I didn't include them in this index because they are always visible. 

- Rick

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