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bug in libGLESv2_adreno/eglSubDriverAndroid
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Posted: Wed, 2019-10-30 09:05

Dont know where to report a bug in android libGLESv2_adreno/eglSubDriverAndroid libraries so maybe here ayone will be interested in.

I found it during saninitizing my app.

In libGLESv2_adreno/eglSubDriverAndroid librariy there is a nullptr dereference on

some class that usues libutil/RefBase, bug causes dereference of nullptr of base class RefBase::weakref_type::mWeak

when calling glClear with valid egl context.

It looks like there is some pointer with weak reference and is called without checking if it is still valid , as it is a weak ref

We observe it for years on a tousands of devices in fabric/crashlytics.

weakref_impl* const mRefs;

class RefBase::weakref_impl : public RefBase::weakref_type
    std::atomic<int32_t>    mStrong;
    std::atomic<int32_t>    mWeak; <----------
    RefBase* const          mBase;
    std::atomic<int32_t>    mFlags;

void RefBase::incStrong(const void* id) const
    weakref_impl* const refs = mRefs;
    refs->incWeak(id); <-------------------


void RefBase::weakref_type::incWeak(const void* id)
    weakref_impl* const impl = static_cast<weakref_impl*>(this);
    const int32_t c __unused = impl->mWeak.fetch_add(1,
            std::memory_order_relaxed); <------------


The stack trace

#08 /system/lib64/ (android::RefBase::incStrong(void const*)
#09 /system/vendor/lib64/egl/
#10 /system/vendor/lib64/egl/
#11 /system/vendor/lib64/egl/
(EglAndroidWindowSurface::GetBuffer(EglSubResource*, EglMemoryDesc*)+64)
#12 /system/vendor/lib64/egl/
#13 /system/vendor/lib64/egl/
(EglWindowSurface::GetResource(EsxContext*, EsxResource**,
EsxResource**, int)+56)
#14 /system/vendor/lib64/egl/
(EglSurface::UpdateAuxResource(EsxContext*, EglSurface::EglAuxResource,
int, EsxResource**)+124)
#15 /system/vendor/lib64/egl/
#16 /system/vendor/lib64/egl/
(EsxContext::Clear(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int,
#17 /system/vendor/lib64/egl/
(EsxGlApiParamValidate::GlClear(EsxDispatch*, unsigned int)+236)
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