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Hardware decode problem for GPU yuv color convert
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Posted: Mon, 2018-07-30 20:25

Hi all,

       I test the mediacodec in android(snapdragon 660 and 820), and force it to decode format YUV420p.

 1. Logcat appear a lot of log for color convert which relative GPU.

 2.And I find it will lead fps declining for 540p video for we use GPU to handle video to add some content. experimetnt data:

          2.1.  for 820(s7 edge android 7)

                  2.1.1.Soft decode 540p + GPU render(not only video) has 36fps

                  2.1.2. Amediacodec decode 540p + GPU render(not only video) has 18fps

          2.2.  for 660(oppor11s android 7)

                  2.2.1.Soft decode 540p + GPU render(not only video) has 20fps

                  2.2.2. Amediacodec decode 540p + GPU render(not only video) has 15fps

          The data show that, amediacodec use GPU to do color convert for use YUV420P decoding?

 3.Does snapdragon support YUV420p, YV12 or NV12 output directly without color convert?

 4.Could same other config to use other unit to color convert in place of GPU, eg. DSP?

 5.Does snapdragon decocde other compressed format, and developer can handle it with GPU shader or other unit?



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Posted: Sat, 2018-09-22 09:55

No, snapdragon cannot decode other compressed formats and the developer cannot handle it with GPU shader. This thing is available for the A11 or A12 chipsets manufactured by Apple. But there are some methods to do it. Contact the technician provider from  and ask for some details about it in case of Apple processors and you will get to know the tweaks.

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