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adrendo profiler kernel metrics not usable?
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Posted: Thu, 2016-04-28 14:05

i'm trying to get the OpenCL kernel metrics described in the adreno profiler documentation on the ScrubberCL_Metrics.html page.

however, i can't seem to figure out the GUI and/or something seems broken.

as per the docs, here's the info for my issue:

Adreno Profiler application version, as listed in the about box :

Mobile device model and build version :
  SD820-based devel board: Intrinsyc Open-Q 820
  device usb:2-4 product:msm8996 model:MSM8996_for_arm64 device:msm8996

Detailed steps to reproduce the problem :
   follow basic OpenCL scubber instructions (blocking mode, CLI-based OpenCL program); note that the metrics button/drop-down is greyed out at all stages. otherwise flow seems to work. more details on request, not sure how detailed to be here.

A screen shot of the problem :
   both pre and post capture screenshots attached

Binaries of the embedded content used, if possible :
   on request. would issue be binary specific? is there a particular baseline/sample i should try?

A "Microsoft System Information" file :
   N/A (ubuntu linux; tried both 12.04 and 14.04, both with mono-complete installed)

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Join Date: 29 Feb 16
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Posted: Fri, 2016-04-29 08:29

A follow up note: it seems that, although it doesn't seem clearly documented anywhere, that the Snapdragon Profiler is replacing the Adreno Profiler, and seems to offer similar features. In particular, in my case I was able to get OpenCL Kernel metrics via the Snapdragon Profiler version As an aside, for both tools, i'd much prefer command-line versions. Perhaps i'll figure out how to better use the GUI(s) over time, but currently they seem pretty painful.


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