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GLES_ADRENO eglIniialize failed
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Posted: Tue, 2014-12-02 18:57


I am trying to port Android AOSP 5.0 (system) and CAF 3.4 (kernel code seperated from CAF 4.4.2 source code as CAF 5.0.0 kernel does not boot on my board) on MSM8974 board. What I am trying to achieve is to get pure Android AOSP with minimal changes to make it work on the board (Just the display is sufficient. External modules like wifi/bt/gps need not work). Though Code Aurora forum provides the full code, it has lot of changes at several places which are not required for me.  (For example, in CAF 4.4.2 code Dalvik related code is changed to a lot. But, I am least bothered about such optimization. No offense.)

I am able to port Android AOSP(4.4.2) and CAF 3.4(kerenel) on MSM8974 board. But I am facing issues with the AOSP 5.0 code. Here are my issues in porting

1. I am still using init.hammerhead.rc and all hammerhead related files with needed changes specific to the caf-3.4 kernel. When the device boots, adreno initialization is going for a toss. Below is the error I am getting while OpenGL ES context is being initialized (eglInitialize)

                      W/Adreno-GSL( 2469): <ioctl_kgsl_device_getproperty:670>: mmap failed: errno 22 Invalid argument

2. As a part of AOSP, google release some proprietory binaries which need to be packed with the AOSP code for the whole system to work. The above error is from one of the proprietory binary /system/vendor/lib/ . 

3. As the source code is not available for those binaries, it is really tough to find the actual reason why they are failing.

4. Do I need to add some code in the .rc file or ueventd file (or some other file parsed and executed by 'init' process) for the OpenGL initialization to go through! (As I mentioned I am using hammerhead rc, ueventd,fstab, etc files. No qcom related files involved)


Some more pointers:

1. SE Linux is disabled in the kernel code. So it will not interfere with mmap


I am stuck with this issue for almost a week. I am not able to figure out how to approach. Your help is highly highly appreciated.





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