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Adreno Profiler with HTC One m8
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Posted: Wed, 2014-09-17 12:52

I've been trying to use the Adreno profiler with an HTC One m8 without much success. When I try to connect with an OpenGL ES app running, it usually shows:

ADB: Found a device, but no Adreno Profiler-enabled app.

However if I click refresh several times it will occasionaly find the app, and allow you to attempt to connect. At this point though, trying to connect freezes the app, and the profiler just sits trying to connect forever :(

Sometimes refreshing will also cause the running app to exit.

At the moment this is the only Adreno device I have available to test the profiler with, however I have tried this on 2 different PCs. I've checked all the usual stuff, rebooted the device and enabled the profiler with 'adb shell setprop debug.egl.profiler 1' and added an exception to the firewall rules for AdrenoProfiler.exe.

Should it be possible to use the profiler with this phone?


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Posted: Mon, 2015-07-06 21:31

I met the same issue on Nexus 5(5.0) and Samsung S5(5.0)

the issue is:

I launch the test app such like chrome or a game on the phone, then launch the Adreno Profiler on the PC,

Click the connect option, on the Connect pop-up window, can not see any app.

wait for several minutes, sometimes the running app will display, but most of the time, blank is displayed in the window.

The environment I can confirm no problem are:

1. adb install OK. and use "adb devices" can show my connected devices.

2. the network of my devices are OK, and the tested app can access webpages.

3. don't have other instances of adb running


Please help to resolve my issue, thank you very much!

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