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ADB stops working
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Posted: Wed, 2017-09-06 01:14

I had this problem a few times now with different boards each time. Basically everything works fine for a while and then after a month or two, adb is no longer working. The device does not show up on a connected computer, connecting is obviously also not working then.

The snapdragon boots normally. I can ssh into it and use it. Any idea how to debug or fix ADB? My solution last time was to reinstall everything from scratch. But that's just a wasted day...

There is no obvious pattern in when it stops working. I did not use apt-get or anything like that in a while.

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br_robot Moderator
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Posted: Mon, 2017-09-18 13:15

Not experienced this issue so far. We've had boards connected to host machines via adb for months.

  1. Could it have something to do with your host machine? Have you tried "adb kill-server" and then "adb start-server"?
  2. When you do "lsusb" on the host computer, do you see a "Qualcomm HSUSB device" entry listed?
  3. When adb stops working for Snapdragon Flight, have you seen adb work on the same machine with other devices (such as a phone)
  4. Could you please check whether the adbd process is running on target? Try: ps -aef | grep adbd | grep -v grep
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