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Queries related to Adreno SDK for Android devices
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Posted: Thu, 2010-12-30 04:20



Your SDK is quite good in terms of freatures, but here are the issues I found when evaluating:

1. I am running on Windows 7, couldn't run any Adreno Samples.

2. As I searched your documentation, got to know that it supports limited devices, but want to know 

is there any support for Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid Devices because I like your SDK features?

Also can we explore source code of ATITC compression, so that we can see apply compression depending upon device support or not?

Also please give me your valuable suggestions in using your SDK to support multiple android devices.

Thanks a lot. 


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Posted: Thu, 2010-12-30 13:02

Galaxy is running on SGX based chipset, not the adreno one, but both devices support GLES 2.0 and all it's common featrues (some extensions differ, SGX have its pvr* compressed textures format, does not support ATC, but supports ETC, but all in all they are compatible). ... and SGX in galaxy is a lot faster than adreno in nexus (something like 30 - 40 % in case of my engine).


If you carrefully design your engine, then it will work painlesly on both snapdragon and hummingbird chipsets, just remember that you need to query extensions support, texture formats and adjust acordingly.

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