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Adreno 205 specs
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Posted: Sat, 2010-10-02 00:19


Can you please point me to a doc where I can find the Adreno 205 specifications?

I'm interested, among other things, in these:

 - what is the fillrate (taken at a reference speed, of course, 200Mhz or whatever)?

 - what is the polygon rate?

 - How many shader units does Adreno205 have? Are they unified? How many texturing pipelines?

 - Does it have VRAM or it's an unified memory architecture? How big is the vertex cache?

 - What is the native texture format? What is the fastest texture format?

 - Is it a TBDR gpu? Does it support early Z tests?


I'm really exited about this gpu and I'd like to make the most of it so if you have some documentation to share it would be great. It would help us adapt/tune out game engine to really shine on this gpu.


Thank you in advance.



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Anonymous (not verified)
Posted: Fri, 2010-10-08 12:05

Hi Dragos,

We can provide you with that information through our contact link at  Please provide us with your company and contact details and we will follow-up with you over e-mail. 



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Posted: Thu, 2010-10-14 14:44


Problem with telling the peak performance is that it could mislead you. As an application developer you never get peak performance in your applications (on any GPU architecture) so whats the point? Anyway if you are trying to judge where Adreno 205 sits as compared to the existing GPUs, below is a link from a third party that put some light on it:

I can definitely answer some of your questions here, the rest would probably need to sort out over email or phone call because of sensitivity. We will soon get a developers guide here for your reference which will answer most of your remaining questions.

Anyway quick response to some of your other questions

* Shader Architecture on Adreno 205 is unified

* Adreno 205 has unified memory architecture

* Adreno 205 support early Z-reject

Lets discuss more here if you have more questions. May be I can help you make your decision without leaking any confidential info here :)




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