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5 Proven Points to Inspire Innovation

As a mobile innovator, Qualcomm continually brings advanced technologies to market and embraces the same spirit in supporting our developer community. At Qualcomm Developer Network, we understand that continuing to innovate is essential for cutting-edge development, but finding new ways to drive yourself is truly an art.

To inspire our members, we’ve tapped into three innovation experts, who are leading developers themselves, to gain insight into how they stimulate innovation in their organizations and across their teams.

  • Andreas Gal
    CEO of Silk Labs and former CTO of Mozilla

  • Ryan Peterson
    CEO of Finger Food Studios and former strategic consultant to video game companies worldwide

  • Mike Ogrinz
    R&D Lead at a major financial institution and maker/inventor

Our “Fast Track to Innovation” eBook gives you the best tips and takeaways recommended by these visionary developers to kick start innovation and maintain your competitive edge.

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