Windows® RT

Qualcomm is leading the way in supporting Windows RT through our high-performance, power-efficient Snapdragon processors, as the company continues to be one of the top silicon providers supporting Windows-based devices.

Snapdragon processors intelligently integrate optimized processing performance, graphics, multimedia and connectivity components to meet the requirements of Windows RT, while delivering high mobile performance, low power consumption with a light form factor.

Windows RT opens up a significant new market opportunity for app developers when they write apps for Windows RT. Because these apps will run on both x86- and ARM-based devices, developers can target these upgraded legacy systems, plus all the hot new Windows RT-based devices that will be coming to market.

Qualcomm’s unparalleled mobile expertise will enable developers to create amazing new consumer experiences for Windows RT devices.

Opportunities with Windows RT

Computer Vision (FastCV™)
FastCV is a mobile-optimized computer vision (CV) library that allows developers of sophisticated CV apps and CV middleware developers access to the most frequently used vision processing functions.

Mobile Gaming & Graphics Optimization (Adreno™)
You can rely on Adreno GPUs, tools and resources to easily develop market-leading mobile 3D games and apps.

Peer-to-Peer (AllJoyn™)
Create unique apps and services by including the ability for devices to connect via ad-hoc, peer networks using our AllJoyn™ P2P technology. Nearby devices can communicate directly with one another over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without the need to connect to cellular networks.

Developer Resources

Windows Store App Development
Discover the resources and design guidance you need to build beautiful Windows RT apps.

Demo: Windows RT Running on a dual-core Snapdragon Chip
Qualcomm will provide an optimized and robust user experiences for Windows RT.

Demo: Windows RT Running on ARM using a Snapdragon Processor
Roger Gulrajani from the Windows Hardware Ecosystem group shows a Qualcomm Snapdragon reference device using an ARM processor.

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