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HTML5 gives developers the ability to create the next generation of great web apps on any device with a browser. It brings substantial benefits in simplicity, cost, flexibility, and features to achieve optimum results in app performance.

Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. (“QuIC”) is currently working on enhanced and new HTML5 device APIs that it will upstream into the WebKit project, so that the core code is available to all WebKit based browsers.

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Qualcomm Innovation Center was already developing Snapdragon-specific HTML5 device APIs.  What happened to that effort?
Based on feedback from developers, we have decided to refocus our effort towards a greater footprint of devices that can take advantage of HTML5 device APIs. APIs we propose will now be implemented as turnkey code which will be upstreamed and integrated into the WebKit project, enabling this same code to be available to all WebKit-based browsers. 

What will new device APIs on Snapdragon devices look like?
To adhere to the WebKit upstream conventions, the final APIs will likely take on a different form, and be based on W3C API proposals and drafts. 

When will the new device APIs be available in Snapdragon devices?
It will take a few months before we can get this new implementation into shipping devices. We thank you for your interest and share your enthusiasm in HTML5 as a first-class application platform, and will keep the community updated with progress.

Is Qualcomm Innovation Center a member of W3C?
Yes, QuIC is a member of the W3C.

What efforts in the W3C is Qualcomm Innovation Center active in?
QuIC is a member of the Geolocation Working Group, the Device APIs (DAP) Working Group and the newly System Application Working Group. QuIC is also a contributor to the getUserMedia specification, developed by the MediaCapture Task Force.

Is Qualcomm Innovation Center a member of the W3C Core Mobility Web Platform Community Group?
Yes, QuIC is a contributor to this effort and very supportive of the group’s goals to create a minimal set of conformance requirements for mobile HTML5. 

The previous HTML5 Device APIs are available for your reference.

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