Mobile Platforms

Qualcomm Technologies supports nearly every high-level mobile OS available and our mobile legacy runs deep. We were involved in the first deployments of both Android and Windows Phone devices.


Because many Android devices are powered by Snapdragon® processors, using our optimization tools, you have the opportunity to create the best possible user experience for more customers.


The Brew mobile operating system brings smartphone-like capabilities to high-volume feature phones owned by hundreds of millions around the globe. Tap into this valuable ecosystem by using our development tools and distribution channels.

HTML5 Mobile Web

HTML5 gives you the flexibility to create apps that run on any browser or device. We’re working hard to support capabilities similar to those on the Snapdragon processor with the simplicity, cost, and flexibility of browser-based functionality.

Windows Phone

We're working closely with Microsoft to make sure that your customers using a Windows Phone get an exceptional experience thanks to new features and an unmatched level of integration and collaboration between hardware, software and services.

Windows RT

Microsoft chose the Snapdragon processor for Windows RT, its ARM-based, fully mobile OS. Our resources and tools can give you the results you need to optimize apps on ARM for existing devices as well as new releases.