Mobile Platforms

Qualcomm supports nearly every mobile OS in the market and we’ve been leaders with the first deployments of both Android™ and Windows® Phone devices.


Maximize the user experience for your Android application by optimizing its performance on Snapdragon™-powered devices. The majority of Android smartphones in the market are powered by Snapdragon chipsets, providing the largest installed-base for your best-in-class application.


From the development tools to get started, to the distribution channels to hit the market, Qualcomm’s own mobile operating system offers everything you need to take advantage of the booming mass-market device category.

HTML5 Mobile Web

HTML5 is an important mobile app platform choice for developers to deliver apps that are available anywhere and on any device with a browser. Qualcomm is working to narrow the gap between HTML5 and native capabilities to bring substantial benefit in simplicity, cost, flexibility, and features to achieve optimum results in app performance.

Windows Phone

Developing for Windows Phone allows you to deliver an exceptional experience to your end users. We have a long history of working closely with Microsoft to so that all WP users will benefit from new features and an unmatched level of integration and collaboration between hardware, software and services.

Windows RT

Qualcomm knows mobile. Qualcomm knows ARM. And Microsoft chose Snapdragon for its Windows Phone 7 launch smartphones. Only makes sense. Now that Windows is going fully mobile with Windows RT, Qualcomm is the chipset provider with the expertise to allow developers to optimize their apps on ARM.