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Selecting speakers programatically
Pinball Wizard
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Posted: Fri, 2016-05-06 15:11

My application includes some Tasker intents to set stream, volume, play, pause.   However I was wondering if there is a way of programitically selecting speakers, or even grouping speakers?  If I could add a tasker intent to perform this, a user could write some very interesting scripts to interact with their allplay devices.

I'm sure I have seen other apps doing similar things.   Air Audio for example allows me to group and rename speakers in it's own dialog, rather than the standard AllPlay dialog, so it looks like it is enumerating speakers and doing it's own grouping from the application's code itself (which is what I am looking at doing).

I see nothing in the SDK documents however on how to do this.

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daniel.tai Moderator
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Posted: Fri, 2016-05-06 15:36

Hi Pinball Wizard,

I think you are looking for the Controller SDK that Click SDK is built on top of.  Click SDK is somewhat simple for most developers to quickly be able to see AllPlay players and play something to it.  Developers such as Rhapsody were able to integrate this SDK in less than a day.  

Controller SDK is the SDK that allows you to have full control of the AllPlay API, with no UI.  In this case, you don't have to work with Click SDK UI, which is generic.  I am not sure if Air Audio have this SDK, as you need to be a partner with Qualcomm for AllPlay.  However, Controller SDK is not on the developer network as of now, but we are trying to convince management allow us to do so.  I don't know when that can happen though.

If you really want it now, you will have do all of the heavy work with AllJoyn interface.  There are some threads on the forum where users is able to see and control AllPlay.  AllJoyn Android SDK is available for download.   If you want, I can give you some pointers on this.



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