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QMMF Client on RB5 Vision Kit?
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Posted: Tue, 2021-06-08 21:54


The documentation refers to a "Qualcomm MMF server (daemon)." I see qmmf-daemon running on my RB5 Vision Kit.

I'm trying to write a program to capture a frame. However, even when I try to run `StartCamera`, I encounter an error.

static void *cam_cb(
        uint32_t camera_id,
        const android::CameraMetadata &res) {
    cout << "cam cb is called" << endl;

static void start_camera() {
    auto recorder = Recorder();
    cam_id = 0;
    frame_rate = 30;
    const CameraExtraParam& extra_params = {};
    status_t ret = recorder.StartCamera(cam_id, frame_rate, extra_params, cam_cb);
    if (ret != OK) {
	cerr << "start camera failed." << endl;
	cerr << "ret = " << ret << endl;

This will output:

gbm_create_device(156): Info: backend name is: msm_drm
start camera failed.
ret = -19

Any idea what's gone wrong?

Here is my Makefile

INCLUDES += $(patsubst %, -I%, /usr/include/qrb5165 /usr/include/qrb5165/qmmf-sdk)
LIBS += $(patsubst %, -l%, qmmf_recorder_client camera_metadata)
CXXFLAGS += $(INCLUDES) -std=gnu++11 

	g++ $(CXXFLAGS) main.cpp $(LIBS) -o main

	rm main
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Posted: Thu, 2021-06-10 10:14

Hi jhwill,

May I know where you get sample app to directly access  QMMF Server?

Actually we have sample app to access QMMF server through QMMF SRC, it is gstreamer sample app.

It start camera  streaming to display. You can reffer this sample app.

Please let me know if you can use this sample code for your app.



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