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Google Music and Allplay
Pinball Wizard
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Posted: Sat, 2017-01-14 04:30

Looking at how I can get Google Music workin on my allplay speakers. 

I have discovered gmusicproxy project, which can work as a gateway, and provide a M3U playlist of internet streams.  however I have been unable to sent them to my allplay device and get them to play.

The webserver is giving back a playlist like this:


#EXTINF:207,Halestorm - Sick Individual
#EXTINF:224,Green Day - Still Breathing
#EXTINF:180,Bill Hicks - Satan Starmaker
#EXTINF:170,Tropical Contact - Hero Brigade
#EXTINF:402,Black Sabbath - You Won't Change Me
#EXTINF:176,Rancid - Born Frustrated
#EXTINF:365,Queens of the Stone Age - God Is on the Radio
Should I be able to feed allplay speaker with the URL that returns this playlist?  (and then programme the URL onto the speaker preset buttons  to get a randomised playlist each time)
I can see from the server logs, the speaker "has a go" at doing something, but it's not obvious what it's doing.

Also if it can accept this form of playlist, what the size limits (either file size or lines)?
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daniel.tai Moderator
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Posted: Mon, 2017-01-16 09:22

Hi Mr Pinball Wizard,

AllPlay does take in m3u playlist url.  The issue may be how the URL is hosted.  Does gmusicproxy actually host the music as in downloads the music locally and have a server allowing the speaker stream it?  If so, then this should work.  If not, have you tried sending the URL instead of the m3u playlist url?



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