Whiteboard: Enabling collaborative drawing

"We developed this application in house in one day. If you have an idea that can use AllJoyn, you can introduce a new peer-to-peer experience without a lot of development effort."

–Brian Spencer, Sr. Engineer, Qualcomm Innovation Center

  • Simple WhiteBoard app demonstrates ease of implementing AllJoyn™, an app development framework that makes it easy to add proximal ad hoc networking to apps.
  • AllJoyn is designed to connect neighboring devices over low-latency Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Figures drawn on any device show up in real time on all connected devices

WhiteBoard was developed by the Qualcomm Innovation Center, which makes AllJoyn. In this simple P2P Android app, users draw shapes on the screen of their smartphone. With the AllJoyn functionality that QuIC added, nearby users connected over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can draw on their own smartphones and see one another’s changes in real time. As each user draws, WhiteBoard replicates the marks onto the screens of all the other participants in real time.

For example, a teacher could use WhiteBoard to write notes onto a page and then broadcast them to students’ devices in the classroom, or engineers could collaborate on a rough design at the same time that they discuss it. WhiteBoard is also ideal for simple drawing games, like Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman.

WhiteBoard uses AllJoyn to send each drawing event to all devices simultaneously, as if the devices had received it from their own touchscreen. WhiteBoard’s real-time responsiveness demonstrates the low latency of AllJoyn and the performance advantage of communicating directly among neighboring devices instead of sending packets back and forth over the cellular network or through the cloud.

Your turn. It took QuIC developers about a day to develop WhiteBoard. Whether you want to create your own real-time P2P app from scratch or modify an existing app for real-time P2P collaboration, download the AllJoyn SDK and get started.