SpudBall: A new twist on hot potato

"SpudBall is the app version of hot potato. You couldn’t really make this game before AllJoyn existed, because all the fun lies in getting the potato out of your hand or off your device in real time."

– Mark Schroeder, Project Manager, Signature Creative

  • App duplicates hot potato gameplay among up to 6 mobile devices
  • Proximity-based, peer-to-peer (P2P) connections, using the AllJoyn™ app development framework, eliminate latency and provide responsiveness needed for game to be played in real-time

How much fun do you think a hot potato-like game on your mobile phone would be if you had to wait for it to go from your device, over the cellular network, through the cloud and into your opponent’s hands? Probably not much.

That’s why Signature Creative built SpudBall, its hot potato-like game for Android smartphones and tablets, around AllJoyn, an app development framework that makes it easy for developers to add proximal ad hoc networking to their apps. Each player’s device displays a microwave oven, and the object of the game is to ensure your oven is empty when the potato randomly overheats and explodes. Players flick the potato from their screen to an opponent’s screen.

Underneath SpudBall, AllJoyn handles all of the device and service discovery, connection, security and cross-platform intelligence among the devices, so they can connect over WiFi. If the app had to rely on the cellular network and gaming servers, the latency would be greater and the dead time between flicks would affect gameplay. AllJoyn not only eliminates potential bottlenecks, but it also handles the random calculations and keeps the game responsive enough for up to six players at a time.

SpudBall is the kind of game prized by smartphone users for its infectiousness, fast pace and portability. As appealing an app as it is to users, it would be nearly impossible without the P2P networking interfaces in the AllJoyn SDK, which the developers at Signature Creative have implemented to turn technical obstacles into a fun, marketable opportunity.

Your turn. AllJoyn handles the grunt work of proximity-based networking, freeing up the developers and designers at Signature Creative to focus on bringing the potato in SpudBall to life and infusing it with personality. Whether you want to create your own real-time P2P app from scratch or modify an existing app for real-time P2P gameplay, download the AllJoyn SDK and get started.