Raffle: AllJoyn™ helps to reinvent the raffle drawing

“Start with the idea; don’t worry about how you’re going to connect devices. Start with an idea, then find a way for AllJoyn to accommodate it.”

- Mark Schroeder, Producer, Signature Creative

Technical Highlights

  • One-touch installation, launch, detection and login to local AllJoyn network
  • Use of AllJoyn to synchronize clocks across three different apps

Business Highlights

  • Sticky incentive for booth visitors to stay nearby
  • Demonstration of potential for live, interactive marketing campaign
Signature Raffle with AllJoyn peer to peer framework - winning screen

At any trade show, competing for attention is the biggest battle. Marketing agency Signature Creative built an interactive marketing app called Raffle to use at its trade show booth in an effort to draw more traffic. But it did more than that. Raffle combined presence detection, notifications and giveaways to pull attendees in and keep them engaged. At a recent event, Signature ran Raffle 12 times per day with an average of 15 and a maximum of 36 participants per drawing.

“You must be present to win.”

Why tell raffle participants that they must be present to win? Because it’s more fun that way, and it makes for better marketing. Signature Creative started with the idea of a raffle in which the app would handle the grunt work of monitoring, reminding and notifying.

To enter the raffle (say, for a pair of headphones), visitors use their mobile device to scan a QR code in the booth that takes them to a Raffle microsite. In a single click they install the client, which then uses AllJoyn to find their device, bind it to Raffle’s own wireless access point and immediately add it via Wi-Fi to other nearby users on the AllJoyn network. The client lets visitors upload their photo, read their notifications and see how many other participants have entered.

The admin component controls Raffle from a smartphone in the booth, running raffles, adding users manually, pushing notifications – “you’ve joined the raffle,” “you’ve left the zone,” “you’ve won,” “better luck next time” – and picking the winner at random.

The display component of Raffle is the big attention-getter. It runs through HDMI to a wide-screen monitor in the booth, showing the countdown timer, the raffle times throughout the day, and the number and list of participants close enough to the booth to be eligible.

Clock synchronization and position with AllJoyn

Signature Raffle with AllJoyn peer to peer framework - ticket screen

“If we ran Raffle over 3G,” explains Mark Schroeder, producer at Signature Creative, “we would know which participants were in the network, but their position would not be specific enough. Here, we create a hotspot and an AllJoyn network within our 10-by-10-foot booth, and when participants wander fifteen feet away, admin reminds them to come back and rejoin the raffle. This kind of interactive marketing app shows how much you can do with AllJoyn and how specific you can get with proximity-based, peer-to-peer networking.”

Raffle also uses AllJoyn to keep the game clock. Once admin sets the raffle time, AllJoyn pushes it out so that the display and all the phones start their clocks at exactly the same time and everybody sees the same time remaining.

Schroeder remarks, “The Qualcomm Innovation Center (QuIC) Inc. has built the AllJoyn SDK to do a lot of the hard work, which lets us focus on the fun: the design, the UI, the aesthetics, the navigation, the user experience. AllJoyn is so flexible and open that your own imagination is really the best jumping-off point.”

Your turn

Have a deeper look at AllJoyn and the AllJoyn support forum for more ideas you can turn into proximity-based, interactive marketing apps.

Laws regarding raffles vary depending on jurisdiction. Please consult your legal counsel before using this application.