Qwik Draw

Qwik Draw: A multiplayer drawing experience

"Even aside from gaming, AllJoyn is a powerful collaborative tool. We’re using it now to draw a picture, but it could be a document or presentation or, down the line, video or an infograph. That’s where this is headed, and it’s exciting."

– Mark Schroeder, Project Manager, Signature Creative

  • Signature Creative uses AllJoyn™ SDK to create collaborative drawing game
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking eliminates dependency on cellular network

Remember a drawing game called exquisite corpse, also known as rotating corpse? It’s a collaborative exercise in which several people draw parts of a body – head, torso, trunk, legs – independently on subsequent folds of a sheet of paper. The first player draws the head and folds the paper over, then the next player draws the torso, and so on for all players. At the end of the game, the sheet is unfolded to reveal the outlandish figure all of the players have drawn together, yet separately.

Signature Creative developed a collaborative Android drawing game, Qwik Draw, based on a similar idea. Players launch the app on their respective, AllJoyn-connected devices. Player 1 draws the head on the touchscreen and, when finished, flicks it to the next player, who continues the drawing. Play continues for the remaining parts of the drawing, and after the last player has drawn, Qwik Draw displays the entire drawing on everyone’s device.

For users of collaborative, social apps, the big advantage is that AllJoyn does not rely on the cellular network to connect with other players. All of the sharing and collaboration happens device to device, through proximal networks like WiFi and Bluetooth. And once the drawing is complete, it displays in real time on all connected devices, with no latency from the cellular network. The advantage for developers lies in leveraging the AllJoyn peer to peer framework which gives them extra time on making the app enjoyable to the user, instead of trying to wrestle with setting up their own P2P network.

Your turn. The developers at Signature Creative wrote this simple yet elegant collaborative app around proximity-based sharing. Whether you want to create your own real-time P2P app from scratch or modify an existing app for real-time P2P gameplay, download the AllJoyn SDK and get started.