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Hip Hop Official: Phunware app enables multi-screen interaction in the connected home

“Phunware is constantly looking for creative, innovative and entertaining ways to push the device capability and mobile user experience envelope. We found a powerful way to bring some of our more advanced entertainment ideas to life with AllJoyn.”

- Alan S. Knitowski, Chairman and CEO of Phunware, Inc.

Technical Highlights

  • Wireless connection between tablet and smart TV
  • Use of AllJoyn to transmit audio from tablet to player on TV
  • It took a Phunware engineer about 3 weeks to modify and test the app. Most of the work was in editing video and creating graphics, rather than in coding

Business Highlights

  • Marriage of interactive content between disparate devices
  • Demonstration of potential for smart TVs and digital media adaptors (DMA)

You can surf, tweet, post and vote in real time about the content you see on TV, but you can’t interact with it. What if you could use a mobile phone or tablet to interact with TV content for entertainment, education and even shopping?

Phunware has created an interactive, multi-screen version of its Hip Hop Official app that does more than connect devices – it gives users new, interactive ways to connect with content through those devices. The original app delivers audio and video footage from the Hip Hop Official website, and in the multi-screen version, users interact with that content over a Wi-Fi connection between the smart TV and their personal tablet.

The app highlights three interactive functions:

  • Trivia Game – The user launches the game from the tablet, then video about an artist plays on the TV. The tablet displays a multiple-choice trivia question based on the artist/content currently on screen, accepts and validates the answer, then signals the TV to resume the video.
  • Live Ads – The user taps on the tablet to roll content on the TV. At selected points in the video, the tablet displays context-aware ads for clothing, music, sunglasses, concert tickets, etc., based on the personalities and content on the TV.
  • Karaoke – From the tablet, the user starts a karaoke video (music and lyrics) on the TV, then sings into the microphone on the tablet to record the vocal track. The tablet sends the file with the vocals over the connection and the TV plays back the karaoke video with the user’s voice.

Watch Phunware’s short video for a closer look at the app.

Developing the app

To develop multi-screen interaction in the connected home, Phunware has taken advantage of two technologies:

  • AllJoyn – This open-source framework from Qualcomm Innovation Center (QuIC) Inc. manages service discovery, pairing, connections and security in the peer-to-peer (P2P) network between the tablet and the smart TV. AllJoyn performs all of the heavy lifting needed for real-time interactivity, with latency so low that the wireless connection doesn’t interfere with the app.
  • Media Processor – The Snapdragon S4 MPQ8064 processor paves the way for new user experiences on smart TV, including high-performance audio/video, web browsing and mobile app execution. The application running on the TV communicates with the application on the tablet over Wi-Fi using AllJoyn.

It took a Phunware engineer about 3 weeks to modify and test the app. Most of the work was in editing video and creating graphics, rather than in coding.

Qualcomm unveiled the multi-screen version of Hip Hop Official at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 in Las Vegas. Phunware has used the app to demonstrate the future of television viewing and consumer engagement to its own media and content provider customers.

Your turn

The Hop Hop Official app demonstrates the rich user experience you can create for the 69% of tablet owners who use their tablet and TV together several times a week1, many of whom are checking content related to the program or its advertised products2.

Take a deeper look at AllJoyn to see how you can modify your own apps for the future of multi-screen interaction in the connected home.

1. TechCrunch Report: 69% Of Tablet Owners Watch TV And Surf The Web Simultaneously
2. TechCrunch Report: Nielsen: U.S., UK Couch Potatoes Love To Tap On Tablets While Watching TV

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