"Unlike GPS-based solutions, AllJoyn's peer-to-peer connectivity and Wi-Fi usage enable our users to enjoy proximity-based functions without a server at big networking events."

– Alon lroy, Co-founder, Bizzabo

  • Presence application helps discover, connect with and meet business contacts at conferences, live events and trade shows
  • Integrates relevant information and contacts from LinkedIn to make networking easy

At most conferences and trade shows, you discover other contacts by scanning nametags and faces. Most of the time, you're missing valuable opportunities to make business connections. Bizzabo wants to change that with its same-name mobile app for networking at live events.

Bizzabo is a free Android app that combines presence, business events and peer-to-peer (P2P) device networking to connect people. Before the event, hosts create a branded Web page with information like tweets, session descriptions and schedules. When attendees download and launch the app, it takes them to the event page and invites them to log in via LinkedIn.

During the event, you can use Bizzabo to discover other attendees in the event's physical location and get in touch with them. This is much more than just checking in to a server in the cloud; it's taking advantage of AllJoyn's real-time, P2P proximity network so you can make appointments with the business people most relevant to you. Bizzabo also helps those people find you.

"It took just a few days for our small team to integrate AllJoyn's peer-to-peer functionality and develop proximity features in our application," says Bizzabo co-founder Alon Alroy.

Bizzabo is a free app available in the Android Market. It uses AllJoyn for its Steps Away feature, which shows other Bizzabo users who are physically steps away from you. The Company Notifier feature allows you to enter the name of a company you want to follow; as soon as an employee of that company is in your vicinity, the app notifies you.

Making new contacts through business networking isn't always easy, but using Bizzabo will transform a frustrating, ineffective experience into an efficient process in which you find opportunities instead of just hoping that you'll stumble upon them.

Your turn. AllJoyn handles the work of proximity-based networking. That frees up the developers at Bizzabo to focus on building interactivity, analytics, incentives and community experience into their app. Whether you want to create your own real-time P2P app from scratch or modify an existing app for real-time P2P gameplay, download the AllJoyn SDK and get started.