3D Rollercoaster Rush New York™, 3D Tower Bloxx™ New York

3D Rollercoaster Rush New York™, 3D Tower Bloxx™ New York

"We have been driving word-of-mouth sharing features on a number of platforms for many years. That is why we are excited to use new technologies like AllJoyn to make it easier for players to connect with each other effortlessly."

– Jason Loia, COO, Digital Chocolate.

  • Single-player action games for smartphones and tablets get multiplayer boost
  • Premium games from well-known franchises on several platforms (PC, console, social) take advantage of AllJoyn’s proximity-based networking on Android

Digital Chocolate has published over 200 titles for iOS, Android, Facebook and console game platforms, and many of those titles have large, lucrative franchises and followings behind them. Why would they select two and devote additional engineering effort to them for new features?

The company observes that big-screen social gaming has become mainstream, such that gamers have come to expect the same features, functionality and performance on mobile that they enjoy in console, Web and PC gaming. By integrating AllJoyn with two of their signature titles, Digital Chocolate hopes to break new ground in cross-platform mobile gaming and bring the burst-like tempo of social gaming to the mobile devices.

  • 3D Rollercoaster Rush: New York is based on the popular Rollercoaster Rush franchise, with over 19 million downloads on mobile platforms and over 200 million gameplays on the Web. Digital Chocolate has taken this fast-twitch, single-player game and enhanced it with AllJoyn so that as many as 4 players in the same physical space can compete in real time on 40 highly interactive New York City rollercoaster tracks. The app looks for itself on neighboring devices and exchanges invitations. Once players have chosen the gameplay, a ghost image appears on each screen, representing opponents. ($.99 in Android Market)
  • 3D Tower Bloxx: New York is a puzzle and strategy title with numerous mobile gaming awards to its name and a big following on Xbox, the Web and Facebook. Now, with AllJoyn integrated, players can discover one another and compete head to head over WiFi in Time Attack and Challenge modes to see who has the best reflexes. ($.99 in Android Market)

In both cases, Digital Chocolate is adding multiplayer and multiplatform dimensions that extend its franchises. Players who can discover, connect and compete with people nearby grow more engaged with and more loyal to these titles.

Before AllJoyn, the technical and business cases for breathing multiplayer life into these titles were not so compelling. Software developers – especially game developers – are not in business to set up peer and service discovery, connection, security and cross-platform intelligence among devices in an ad hoc, P2P network. Out of the box, AllJoyn performs all of the heavy lifting to support real-time game action and interactivity, leaving developers to focus on what they do best: create games.

Your turn. AllJoyn handles the work of proximity-based networking. That frees up the developers and animators at Digital Chocolate to enhance gameplay with cross-platform missions, incentives and experiences. Whether you want to create your own real-time P2P app from scratch or modify an existing app for real-time P2P gameplay, download the AllJoyn SDK and get started. 

3D Rollercoaster Rush: New York
3D Rollercoaster Rush: New York