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Take Alexa Mobile: Qualcomm Smart Headset Reference Design for Amazon AVS Now Available

There’s something pretty cool about wireless headsets and earbuds. Letting your users talk on the phone and listen to music completely untethered from their mobile device is innovative. Or it was,...

It’s Time to Start Thinking about Wearable Development

Introduction Wearables represent an excellent opportunity for developers to bring always-on, always-connected experiences to mobile and IoT users. According to IDC, wearable sales are projected to...

The Season of Voice-based Personal Assistants

One of the hottest gift ideas this holiday season are virtual assistants specifically those with a voice user interface (VUI). These handy devices are becoming increasingly common in our daily...

How Powerful Is Your Imagination? World Premiere of the Robot Dress

I’m proud to announce that our robot dress powered by DragonBoard™ 410c development kit had its world premiere at the FIRST Championship in St. Louis! The FIRST Robotics Competition, one of FIRST’s...

Coming to the Runway: A Robot Dress Powered by DragonBoard 410c

Remember my post a few weeks ago about wearable robotic fashion? Have you figured out how to build your own robot dress yet? Take it from us at Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™ and Qualcomm Developer...

Wearable Robotic Fashion: Tentacles, Fabric & DragonBoard 410c

Ever since high school, I’ve had a wild fashion dream: to design a robot dress. Not just any robot dress, mind you, but an elegant gown that can do things like hug people and move with me as I wear...

Hardware-Software Convergence: Key Skills to Consider

Hardware-software convergence, or how hardware and software systems are working more closely together, illustrates how each are empowering (and sometimes literally powering) the other. And in our...

4 New IoT Development Kits for Bluetooth Low Energy Applications

Get your Bluetooth® Low Energy IoT applications ready for a new family of development kits based on the CSR102x modules from Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. The CSR102x family is designed...

Guest Blog: Leap Motion & Qualcomm Technologies - A Template for the Future of Mobile VR

Martin Schubert is a VR Designer, Developer and Evangelist at Leap Motion. With a background in architecture and spatial studies, Martin designs and develops Leap Motion enabled VR experiences such...


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