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Exploring Different Types of Neural Networks

Neural networks are fast becoming an essential tool for today’s machine learning (ML) practitioners. In some of our previous blogs on ML, we discussed how a simple, feed-forward neural network works...

Implementing Machine Learning and Operations (MLOps)

The lifecycle of traditional software is arguably quite straight forward. At its simplest, you develop, test, and deploy the software, and then release a new version with features, updates, and/or...

Working from Home? Take Time to Upskill

Are you looking for some ways to sharpen your development skills with some extra time you may have right now? Maybe this is a good time to look at new areas of development, such as robotics or mobile...

Use Cases That Benefit from Hexagon DSP SDK — Version 3.5 Available Now

DSP programmers: You’ve told us that the only thing worse than seeing your DSP workloads crash is having to send us the memory dump for analysis. And you’re right: It is a headache, or used to be,...

Developers Helping Smart Cities Be Smarter

By 2050 the world’s urban population is expected to nearly double, making urbanization one of the 21st century’s most transformative trends. Given this, cities all over the world are launching smart...

Running Inference Using a Pre-trained Neural Network

In a previous artificial intelligence blog, AI Machine Learning Algorithms – How a Neural Network Works, we looked at the basics of how a neural network is structured with layers and how such a...

Developer of the Month: Henry Ruiz from Texas A&M

Qualcomm Developer Network November Developer of the Month is Henry Ruiz. Henry is from Cali, Colombia where he completed his Computer Systems Engineering degree from Antonio Jose Camacho...


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