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Android™ 3D: Deep Sea UI using OpenGL ES 2.0

For those that have not yet seen the Deep Sea 3D UI concept we created for Android you can view the video here. This UI concept was created to show designers that immersive 3D user interfaces are now...

3D UI: Smartphone DNA part II

Having a 3D user interface that is fun and playful while still being fully functional can be challenging. One concept we have been working on is creating a fun “3D UI World” concept where, when you...

Your Smartphone: Your Next Gaming Console

In my opinion, no other industry has seen such fast transitions in the last handful of years as the mobile industry. And graphics is no doubt one of the hottest needs for today’s smartphones....

3D UI: Smartphone DNA part I

What if your phone became a piece of your living flesh and could be a growth out of your body like another organ. Someday that might certainly be an interesting possibility as nano technologies...

3D UI: Where have all the graphics gone?

While we have seen many interesting user interfaces start to emerge over the last few years I have to wonder where have all the graphics gone? Overall what is interesting is the plain and flat look...


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