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Developing with Mezzanine Boards and the DragonBoard 410

In today’s fast paced world, tools and resources are not only integral to product development, but also critical for its success. Innovators equipped with the right development tools can build on...

Streamlining Development with Three Pillars of IoT

I remember the days where the promise of “a computer in every home” seemed revolutionary. Now, we’re surrounded by a multitude of small, connected computing devices. From smart watches on our wrists...

Women In Tech - A Recap of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

About 150 employees from Qualcomm® Technologies, Inc. – engineers, program and product managers, IT administrators, programmers, a few VPs and our CIO – attended The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women...

Developing for the Internet of Things

“I wish we’d never called it ‘smart.’ If I have to update the firmware on my blender, how is that a smart experience? Someday all of these objects will communicate, but in the meantime, it takes...

eInfochips Shortens Development Time for Embedded Developers

A few months ago, my colleague Ketal Gandhi posted about the work our new licensee, eInfochips, had done in porting a video conferencing app to Linaro Linux. Using the Inforce IFC6410 Single Board...


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