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Developer of the Month: Alexander Grand

Qualcomm Developer Network April Developer of the Month is Alexander Grand from the University of Colorado in Denver. The University of Colorado was founded five months before the state of Colorado...

Developing Expansive Video Experiences on Mobile

Thanks to today’s advanced mobile devices, video content is everywhere and being consumed in more ways than ever including high resolution 4K video capture/streaming and playback, interactive videos...

Women in Hardware Video Series: Interview with Tia Cassett

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re continuing to tell the story of women in technology. We’re proud to participate in the Women in Hardware series presented by Adafruit and

Edge Computing in Industrial IoT Featuring a Smart Wine Demo

We work with a lot of developers in edge computing, embedded development and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and you know what we’re finding? The IoT use cases they’re asking us about apply...

Integrating Compelling Chatbots In AI Development

Integrating Compelling Chatbots In AI Development Personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants are becoming an increasingly common interactive tool and developing them is becoming easier with...

The Season of Voice-based Personal Assistants

One of the hottest gift ideas this holiday season are virtual assistants specifically those with a voice user interface (VUI). These handy devices are becoming increasingly common in our daily...

What Will Smarter Cameras Inspire You to Build?

Smarter Cameras – What Will You Build? Cameras have moved beyond a simple device for capturing family vacation pics. Even in industrial uses, the reading of barcodes and labels seem like child’s play...

Now is the Time to Dive into Edge Computing

Are you developing in the cloud? Well, your processes may soon be changing. By the end of the decade, edge computing is projected to become the dominant computing model. Peter Levine of Andreessen...

How Developers are Redesigning Their Own Education

The demand for developers is higher than ever. We live in a world that is increasingly reliant on digital technology and tools, and developers help keep it all running. The US Bureau of Labor...

3 Tips for Getting More Out of Your DragonBoard 410c

Although it’s been available for about two years now, there are still a few capabilities about the DragonBoard™ 410c from Arrow Electronics that may not be common knowledge among some makers and...


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