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Developer of the Month: Daqing Zhou

Qualcomm Developer Network September Developer of the Month is Daqing Zhou from Airy3D Inc. located in Montreal, Canada. Daqing is a Senior Embedded Software Developer at Airy3D and his work...

Developer of the Month: Eugene Panich

Qualcomm Developer Network August Developer of the Month is Eugene Panich from Almalence with offices in Austin, Texas USA, Israel and Russia. Eugene is the CEO and co-founder of Almalence and is...

Developer of the Month: Sivakumar Panneerselvam

Qualcomm Developer Network July Developer of the Month is Sivakumar Panneerselvam from Qubercomm with offices in Pleasonton CA, and Chennai, India. Siva is the Chief Architect at Qubercomm, and is...

Creating Smart Interactive Video Experiences for Industrial IoT

LTE networks contributed to a rise in mobile video usage with more fluid video experiences and new ways to interact with and consume video. Now, video is finding its way into Industrial IoT (IIoT),...

Setting Up Your Machine Learning Projects for Success

I’ll never forget the acronym GIGO, which stands for Garbage In, Garbage out. I got the answer wrong in one of my early college courses, and to this day it remains embedded in my mind! It was a term...

Developer of the Month: Mark Jamtgaard

Qualcomm Developer Network May Developer of the Month is Mark Jamtgaard from RetailNext located in San Jose, California. Mark is the Director of Technology, where he works extensively on computer...

Developer of the Month: Alexander Grand

Qualcomm Developer Network April Developer of the Month is Alexander Grand from the University of Colorado in Denver. The University of Colorado was founded five months before the state of Colorado...

Developing Expansive Video Experiences on Mobile

Thanks to today’s advanced mobile devices, video content is everywhere and being consumed in more ways than ever including high resolution 4K video capture/streaming and playback, interactive videos...

Women in Hardware Video Series: Interview with Tia Cassett

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re continuing to tell the story of women in technology. We’re proud to participate in the Women in Hardware series presented by Adafruit and

Edge Computing in Industrial IoT Featuring a Smart Wine Demo

We work with a lot of developers in edge computing, embedded development and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and you know what we’re finding? The IoT use cases they’re asking us about apply...


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